Blake Construction Method

At Adolfo Turrion, we use the renowned Blake Stitch Method to manufacture shoes of unrivaled quality. Developed by pioneer Lyman Reed Blake, this method involves sewing the sole directly onto the sock liner which is already mounted to the shoe's upper, resulting in a level of flexibility and lightness unmatched in the industry.

Each model is meticulously crafted by hand, with attention to the type of leather and the careful selection of the best skins that naturally mold to our customers' feet, before being masterfully finished by our skilled craftsmen with years of experience.

The Blake method is the cornerstone of our shoemaking process, developed by Lyman Reed Blake in 1856, who invented the machine that made it possible. It's a simple but ingenious process that involves sewing the sole directly to the shoe's upper, eliminating the need for an intermediate layer connecting the pre-milled sole to the shoe's upper. Our 4mm leather soles, which are glued and sewn to the upper, provide unrivaled ease of construction, sole flexibility, and the sleek modernity our Italian peers are famous for.

It should be noted that, although our leather soles are less waterproof due to the stitching made with highly resistant braided cotton and polyester cords, we are proud of the high-quality materials that we use in our production process, which come from internationally certified tanneries and use proven origins of ox leather for soles and uppers. The result is a shoe that is not only of excellent quality but also one of the best in the world, produced with a proven construction method and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Click on the image below and watch our video about the construction method:


The Blake Construction Method